Company profile

Ahold is an international retailing group based in the Netherlands, with strong local consumer brands in Europe and the United States.

Operating supermarkets and selling great food has been our core business for over a century. We also offer other formats and channels to serve the needs of today’s customer. We are building a true omni-channel offering, so that our customers can shop whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

We are able to provide customers with good value, a relevant assortment and an enjoyable shopping experience because of our people. We have great associates who love what they do and are good at it. The relationships they build with our customers are an important part of why they keep coming back to shop with us.

Ahold at a glance

A short overview of Ahold - who we are, where we operate, our brands, our strategy, our leadership and key financials.

Company structure

Ahold is comprised of a Corporate Center and three operating segments: the Netherlands, Czech Republic and the United States, each of which contains a number of businesses. This structure helps us effectively execute our strategy and balance local, continental and global decision-making.

The Netherlands segment comprises Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; and Etos, Gall & Gall, and in the Netherlands. Albert Heijn is led by the CEO Albert Heijn and COO Ahold Netherlands, to whom the heads of the other businesses report., which operates in the Netherlands and Belgium, reports directly to Ahold’s Chief Commercial Officer.

The Czech Republic segment consists of Albert in the Czech Republic. It is led by a General Manager who reports to Ahold’s CEO.

In the United States, Ahold USA is organized into four retail divisions: Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Stop & Shop New England, and Stop & Shop New York Metro. Each of these has a Division President reporting to Ahold USA’s Executive Vice President of Operations, who in turn reports to the COO of Ahold USA. The Peapod online business is also part of Ahold USA.

We also hold a 49% interest in JMR - Gestão de Empresas de Retalho, SGPS. S.A. (JMR).

Our leadership

The Company’s Management Board has ultimate responsibility for the overall management of Ahold. The Company also has an Executive Committee that is comprised of the Management Board as well as certain key officers of the company, is led by the Chief Executive Officer and is accountable to the Management Board. The Management Board is supervised and advised by a Supervisory Board. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board are accountable to Ahold’s shareholders.

Corporate Center

Ahold’s international headquarters are based in Zaandam, the Netherlands. The Corporate Center is responsible for the Group strategy and functions that support the business, including the strategy office, finance, internal audit, legal, compliance, insurance, human resources, communications, responsible retailing, mergers & acquisitions, and information management. We also have Corporate Center offices located in the United States and Switzerland.


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